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May 24th, 2017 by J

Emma Watson spied on while taking a shower

Emma Watson is simply irresistible to the point that even her houseguests can’t help but spy on her from outside her bedroom and watch her get naked before hitting the shower. She catches one of them while he’s peeking from the door of the bathroom but Watson let him in inside of screaming like a lil teenage brat and covering her tight naked and wet body. She’s a young woman who clearly knows what men need so she commanded him to show her his cock and jerk off until she gets his cum on her palm. The horny voyeur obliged right away and whoa! Was he ever so fired up by just looking at Watson’s naked body in the shower that he exploded jizz in just a few minutes of beating his meat. They both got what they wanted: dude got to masturbate while staring at naked Emma and Emma having a load of this dude’s cum in her hand.

Emma Watson gets nailed rough by inked lover

May 17th, 2017 by J

Being an activist is one of the traits that Emma Watson has, which her lover finds so appealing that it actually gives him a boner each time he watches Watson give some empowering speech in any event she goes to. Yes, it sounds totally bizarre but fetishes can rank from odd to downright insane and you can count on Watson to fall for anywhere in between, giving us something to be surprised about all the friggin’ time. She admits that she too finds it quite arousing when some attractive bad boy jerks off to her intellect rather than just her naked skinny body. So to sum it up, Watson prefers to be someone’s fantasy for her wit and brains, which is why she’s in this naughty leaked sex tape, having hardcore sex with one of her ‘fans’.

There isn’t any rule in her book that she can’t date or sleep with fans but she actually likes to consider this specific hot dude her lover as they have been filming their fuck sessions for quite sometime now. We’re lucky to find one of their masterpieces on the web, where Watson gets to suck on this dude’s massive cock and got her tight hairy snatch fucked rough in various positions. It’s kinda clear though which position is Watson’s favorite, especially when she enjoys pushing herself deeper and rougher on that huge dick with every thrust her lover makes. That tight ass looks so sexy while she gets fucked in her bushy cunt from behind and the more she looked hella hot when her lover cums inside her hole and that fine pussy starts drippin’ with his thick and creamy jizz.

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Kinky Emma having hot sex in the bathroom

May 10th, 2017 by J

Emma Watson enjoys getting fucked in the bath!

Like any other milestones that need celebrating, Emma Watson’s recent Gender Neutral Award calls for a relaxing celebration indeed. And how else would this young woman release all the pent-up tension she’s been having before this event but to spend it with her beau who hasn’t seen her for the long time she’s been busy with work, right? She’s got a surprise for the BF and it’s a first for them both, a hot kinky sex in the bath. Watson was being a tease when she confessed to trying out shower sex before but failed keeping the momentum since it’s hard for her to stay horny when in a not-so-comfortable position with the water running down on your face.

So here she is, sucking on a boner and fucking in different positions inside the bath tub and on the bathroom floor. They got so much room, alright, no wonder Watson enjoyed this new discovery of hers, banging in the bigger spaces of her bath rather than squeeze in the shower area and risk slipping and hurting herself while her BF nails her holes from behind, while standing.

Emma Watson squirts tons in kinky fuck session

May 3rd, 2017 by J

On a recent PDA of Emma Watson with her boyfriend who’s 10 years older, people can’t seem to shake off the fact that she’s really into older men even before she got into this serious relationship. Seen in this wild leaked sex tape is Watson role playing as a naughty student, teasing her professor by spreading her legs and showing him her pussy. She tells him she wanted to squirt but can’t bring herself to do such hot act.

Wild Emma Watson having sex with her professor and squirting on cam!

Of course he helped her with the dilemma while sporting a huge boner inside his pants. Her “professor” inserts his fingers in her cunt, curved and steady, and fucked her hole so damn good, she finally got her wish of squirting a ton! It was no surprise though because she does seem to really like teasing her mentor and he is also so into fucking her. They only talked about squirting 101 at first but ended up in a hot and wild fuck action plus a nice spray of sticky cum on Watson’s face and naked body.

Slutty Emma toys with her shaven pussy

April 26th, 2017 by J

Let’s just stop for a while and breathe in the fact that Emma Watson is no longer a child actress and is now a grown young woman. A grown young woman who does grown up things and one of these things is doing pleasurable stuff that help her unwind after tiring interviews, photo shoots, and the like. Like everyone else, Watson is only human with ‘needs’ we can all relate to. Watching her let loose on the film, The Bling Ring, sticking out her tongue while making her small tits bounce underneath her top while dancing slutty on the dancefloor at some club, she definitely made men of all ages horny and hard at that very instant. The friggin’ nerd wizard of Hogwart’s ain’t doing magic on this one when she made limp cocks stiff with her kinky nature and she didn’t stop there. Now you can watch her in this hot homemade masturbation clip, filmed by her former beau, they say. She was testing her new toys by using them to please herself while she’s naked on a chair. With her legs spread wide on either side of the chair, she gets filmed while she fucks her hole with a dildo and stimulates her clit with a vibrator. She’s pretty good at this, eh? It’s just about time we see more of her kinky clips on the web soon.

Naughty Emma Watson plays with her cunt while naked on a chair!

Emma Watson fucked on an office table

April 19th, 2017 by J

Horny Emma having sex with her talent manager!

Here’s a lil peek at what Emma Watson does inside her talent manager’s office during their coffee break. It’s nothing like you ever imagined her doing but here she is, fucking her ripped manager’s stiff dick while she’s on his office table. Talk about surprises, Watson seems to have a lot of it these days!

Emma Watson gets nailed by a hot daddy

April 11th, 2017 by J

Emma Watson never gets bored each time she babysits strangers’ kids, whenever she successfully puts them to sleep. It’s usually the hot daddy who’d make sure she’s preoccupied with something else that will earn her extra cash. Yes, Watson has other means of income and it’s the kind that has a few more benefits, like keeping her fit and satisfied.

Babysitter Emma Watson having hot sex with an older man

One fine day at a new client’s home and all she could do as soon as the baby falls asleep is to tease the sexy daddy, give him hot head, and get fucked rough by him. She’s done this a few times from previous clients that she feels like a fuckin’ pro while getting her tiny teen hole stretched good.

Emma Watson fisting her stretched ass

April 5th, 2017 by J

Everybody’s got something to hide but this doesn’t mean that everything we hide remains hidden. This is especially true when you’re a famous and sought-after celebrity, who has paparazzi for breakfast, and has their photos plastered all over the web, clothed or not. But there is something better than these pictures and it’s all these hot sex tapes circulating the internet, making people go crazy. Emma Watson is no stranger to this kind of crazy and she just unleashed another naughty clip of herself while doing something she enjoys: fucking her ass with her toys and her own fist. Pretty much a very independent, gorgeous, young lady who knows exactly what she wants and can freely express herself in ways only herself can ever execute in a wild way.

Watch her in this dirty masturbation video, where she’s all naked and hot using her fist and toys for fucking both her pussy and that nasty ass. Her bunghole’s so stretched, you’d imagine her getting gang-banged by a number of BBCs. Well, she probably has that on video too, and who knows if she would be sharing that with us all as well, eh? She seems to be doing this quite often as she’s so comfortable playing with herself in the nude, in front of every single household on earth, who has a wet cunt and hard cock while viewing Watson on their gadgets and computers. Enjoy this wild solo masturbation clip and watch out for more soon. Watson is just so worth your wait for more naughty homemade videos.

Hardcore Emma fisting her ass!

Emma Watson stuffs her twat with massive toy

March 29th, 2017 by J

Feisty Emma fucks her tight cunt with a huge dildo!

Emma Watson has graduated with flying colors from poking her tight pussy with one skinny finger, to finger-banging herself using three, and now she’s levelled up with a new favorite toy, a massive black dildo. She’s looking hot and dirty while filming herself in the nude and spreading those fine legs while she rubs her cunt and stuffs it with the lucky gigantic toy. You’re probably wishing it was your thick and hard cock nailing that sweet juicy snatch, eh?

Emma Watson having hot sex with new beau

March 21st, 2017 by J

Emma Watson proved once again that she’s one versatile young woman who can take any role on film and make it a huge success. Right after her latest project, as Belle in Beauty and the Beast, people now have been asking if she’s to be labeled as the new most sought-after actress. I’m definitely one for this but I’d have to point out that since she’s really good at whatever she does and this isn’t restricting her to just these movies that she star in. And as if we don’t have too many reasons to like her yet, you’ll all love her more when we show you another ‘passion’ of hers and this doesn’t include any form of work that you see her do in front of a crowd or people in the cinemas.

Dirty Emma rides her boyfriend’s hard cock!

Although, the latter would be hot as fuck if she’s an actual porn star. Yes, Watson is human, my friends. And just like you and me and all the neighbors who watch us have sex from across the street using their binoculars, she has her naughty streak that could possibly turn you into an avid fan cum stalker in a snap. Here she is, going hot and kinky with her new beau, sucking his stiff cock and fucking it like she wanted to be caught dead doing such wild act. Looks as though she’s lost in a deep and dirty thought, where she doesn’t give a godamn fuck who might discover the way she uses her free time.