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February 15th, 2017 by J

After being branded a diva for arriving 9o minutes late to a recent event, Emma Watson seems unfazed by the annoyed and mostly, angry fans. Nobody knows the reason why she didn’t stay a bit longer than an hour and enjoy the after party despite being named Woman of the Year in the said ceremony. This leaked video of hers surfaced just a few hours after she disappeared from the supposedly fun gathering and many suspect that this naughty rendezvous is the cause of her early exit, leaving fans disappointed. Not sure how they will react to this when it’s been discovered how wild Watson can be when she’s not in the mood to the the all-around goody two-shoes the world has loved her for.

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Well, she is human after all, with the same needs as your perverted voyeur neighbour who never fails to set up his camera aiming at your bedroom window each night while you undress and take a cold shower. Watson is actually a kinky tease and not only does she use her sultry looks but she’s got some smokin’ hot style of making her man’s dick stiff in an instant and it’s looking like some hoe smokin’ her cig while displaying her sexy stems. Of course she was successful with her scheme that she ended up spread-eagled on the bed with a horny pal humping her pussy in between her moist and warm thighs. If you enjoy watching Watson get banged hard and deep on her bed, you probably have forgiven what she just did back at her party.

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February 8th, 2017 by J

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Emma Watson is any man’s all-around Belle. She’s a clever chick outside the bedroom and will surprise you with how well she could please when it comes to anything naughty. Watch her go wild while getting that tight ass drilled by some random horny dude in this leaked anal sex tape. Watson really does bring out the beast in all of us!

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February 1st, 2017 by J

Just like any busy celebrities her age, Emma Watson takes time to chill and give herself a deserving break. But unlike most millenials who party all night, Watson prefers a quiet time at home, giving herself pleasure in ways her friends wouldn’t ever guess. Well, until this hot masturbation video of her goes viral and they get to watch her dirty lil secret. Wearing her favorite lingerie, she teases on cam, displaying her nice and juicy breasts before stuffing her wet pussy with her toy. God knows which attractive lucky male she thinks of while fucking herself made her cum on that toilet seat.

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January 24th, 2017 by J

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The world knows Emma Watson is such a busy young woman. With all her TV appearances, film shoots, and advocacies here and there, everyone may seem to think that she doesn’t have a minute to breathe and smell the roses. Although her upcoming movie does have a significant rose, which will eventually force her to have a life with some handsome prince, it’s a totally different kinda hookup in real life as she takes some time off after the recent Women’s Rights event and it’s all caught on this hot sex tape. Yes, you read it right, a fuckin’ steamy sex tape, of Emma Watson. While visiting her favorite massage salon she got a bonus service from a horny masseur and she swears it feels as if she died and went to heaven. Yeah, even with her analogies, Watson can still be fuckin’ cute while talking about going naked in front of a random guy, letting him finger-bang her cunt and ass, show him her blowjob skills, and finally fuck rough while all oiled up and nasty. Now that’s a major multi tasking career-driven young woman alright. No wonder we consider her to be one of the few almost perfect chicks out there who can balance her work and play and manages to share both to her fans.

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January 17th, 2017 by J

Emma Watson may appear to have such strong character in some roles she play on-screen. And though she admits to being a wallflower for most part of her life, this kinky leaked scandal unleashed the truth about her real self when away from the limelight. She’s probably hotter and kinkier than what you have been fantasizing all this time because here she is, getting filmed by her boyfriend while out on a field, flashing her cunt from underneath her skirt. You never seen this one comin’, eh?

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Everybody’s got some nasty skeleton in their closets and Watson’s just happen to spill out from an unlocked closet door. No need to try so hard catching her without panties on while riding a car in her mini dress and have some paparazzi take photos of that bald cunt. You need not just see a glimpse nor half an inch of her moist hole, just watch this naughty public display and the look of her cunt will forever be etched on that perverted mind of yours.

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January 10th, 2017 by J

Wonder no more as to how Emma Watson kept her slender figure all these years. She’s been shagging a mystery fuck buddy to keep her fit and it works like a charm. New sex tape just got leaked and it’s gonna blow your fuckin’ brains out. Gets her pussy eaten and banged rough like you would’ve never imagined. You’ll never look at Watson the same way again after watching her enjoy sucking on a thick dick and getting her holes stretched pretty damn good.

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January 4th, 2017 by J

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When Emma Watson told an interviewer, as a matter of factly, that her personality in the Harry Potter franchise and her real self are totally different from each other, fans weren’t too convinced. Not until this wild leaked video made its way into the web, proving just how truthful Watson was and her secret’s gone out the window! It turns out, Watson is actually one hardcore babe who enjoys having rough sex with an older man. No, you can’t even imagine in the slightest bit that Hermione Granger’s fucking Hagrid, though that can always be arranged in this industry and make your perverted fantasies come true. Watch her release that inner slut as she gets her pussy eaten and fucked deep by her lover. She’s also one hell of a cocksucking dirty cunt!

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December 21st, 2016 by J

In her upcoming movie this 2017, Emma Watson is more like her real self in her role as Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Being a kind and loving bookworm, who is typically the target of men up for some adventure (given this nature of girls who tend to not give in easily), Watson looks flawless in this new film role and it’s like she’s actually born for this movie. She fits the character perfectly that fans might have a tough time accepting the fact that their idol has her skeletons in a closet too and they are about to be unleashed in this leaked sex tape. Yes, a sex tape of Emma Watson. These words alone would send shivers down your spine but you can watch her in this clip and realize she’s but a human too and feel the urge to go wild sometimes.

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It’s been rumoured that she was with her former flame in this hot fuck session and it’s one of the highlights of her life that she struggled to keep private. But I doubt that there will be bashers for this clip as she’s just being a normal yung lady having a good time with her EX. You’ll never look at Emma Watson up-close the same way again after watching her pretty face with a huge stiff cock inside her mouth. Plus, it’s not only her broomstick in Harry Potter that she rides like a pro as she does it so damn well while humping on her man’s cock too!

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August 22nd, 2016 by J

Meeting this chick was one of the highlights of Emma Watson’s day at the university. Having heard about another hot babe complimenting how sexy she looks the moment the wind blew her skirt over her back and showed her nice thongs, Watson can’t help but blush and admitted that she did feel kinda naughty responding to a girl’s advances. But now look at them go crazy over each other in this leaked lesbo fuck session. It just took a rather innocent visit by Watson at her new friend’s flat and they ended up eating each other’s twats¬†and humping and rubbing on each other’s pussies until they cum! They even fucked a few times in just under 4 hours. They can’t get enough of each other and having a taste of each other’s wet cunts just got them more addicted. You could guess a lot more sex tapes like this would be leaking out any time soon.

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April 10th, 2016 by J

Remember the time when Emma Watson went public with her new ‘do? A sexy pixie cut? Fans went wild and called her a goddess. How about another sexy and hot surprise this time around? A leaked video of her while she’s on a couch, getting filmed by some horny dude, displaying her round tight ass for us to drool on, is something to get you shocked indeed. Knowing Emma and her reserved nature, who would’ve thought of her flashing her backside for the world to see, yeah? No complains here though, enjoy the nice view!

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